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The N.F.L. Scores Big with Super Bowl Victory, Half-Time Show, Celeb Sightings and Record-Breaking Viewership

The N.F.L. scored big during Super Bowl as they saw a thrilling overtime victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, a well-reviewed halftime show by Usher, and a full roster of pricey ads. Taylor Swift also made an appearance, further cementing the Super Bowl’s place in America’s cultural landscape. The game was a place to see and be seen, with A-list celebrities and corporate moguls in attendance. The broadcast itself drew over 115 million viewers, potentially making it the most-watched show in U.S. history. Advertisers were willing to fork over $7 million for a 30-second spot, showing the continued value of the Super Bowl as a television event. The N.F.L. may also profit from its growing ties to sports betting, with wagers expected to surpass $23 billion. This success bodes well for the league’s future, as it stands to collect more than $125 billion from selling broadcast rights to its games over the next decade.

In other news, Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk faced criticism during the Super Bowl, as a nonprofit bought ad time to call for a boycott of Tesla, citing concerns about the company’s self-driving technology. This comes at a time when Tesla’s stock has faltered, experiencing a 20% drop this year. Furthermore, the E.V. market is also showing signs of concern, with Tesla being displaced as the leader in electric vehicle sales by BYD of China.

Opinion: Despite the success of the N.F.L. during the Super Bowl, the criticism and controversies surrounding Tesla and Elon Musk indicate potential challenges for the company in the near future. The backlash against Tesla’s self-driving technology and the company’s declining stock performance raise questions about the sustainability of the electric vehicle market and the leadership of Elon Musk. As the threat of competition from companies like BYD of China looms, it remains to be seen how Tesla will navigate these challenges and regain its position in the E.V. market.

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