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Heartwarming Cetaphil Super Bowl Ad Draws Praise for Narrative Resonating with Parents, Football Fans, and Taylor Swift Followers

The Cetaphil lotion advertisement released online just days before the Super Bowl has captured the attention of many viewers, drawing rave reviews for its heartwarming narrative. The ad tells the story of a father trying to connect with his teenage daughter who is more interested in her phone than in watching a football game with him. The daughter’s skin-care routine, using Cetaphil lotion, is the focus of the ad, ultimately bringing the father and daughter together to enjoy the game. The commercial also subtly references the relationship between music superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, with the jerseys bearing numbers 13 and 89, representing significant numbers in Swift and Kelce’s lives. Social media users have reacted positively to the ad, drawing connections to their own lives and praising the heartwarming message it conveys.

However, some controversy has arisen around the ad, with a popular TikTok user claiming that the company had stolen the idea from her. The TikTok user, Sharon Mbabazi, shared a post from September showing her stepfather updating her on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship, while also applying lotion to his face. The company, Cetaphil, issued a statement saying that the ad was an original creation inspired by a trend of young women bonding with their fathers over football.

Mary Scott, a professor of strategic communications at Montclair State University, commented on the effectiveness of the Super Bowl ad, noting that it captured a feeling or moment that many families can relate to – the barrier that technology can create between parents and children. She likened the ad to those from the 2021 Super Bowl that alluded to Americans’ shared experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that it went deeper into a different reality.

In summary, the Cetaphil lotion ad has been both praised and met with controversy, but it has successfully struck a chord with viewers, resonating with many families who can relate to the message it conveys about finding new ways to connect with loved ones. The ad has managed to tap into a shared experience and capture the attention of a wide audience.

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